Sustainability, environmental awareness and responsibility

We are committed to operating ecologically, financially and social-culturally sustainably. We want to develop our actions in order to minimize our environmental impact by measuring and setting new goals every year. We do not want to grow and develop at the expense of our environment and community.

We work actively to cut down our consumption of energy and water. Getting better in sorting our waste and reducing it is our goal too. We use 100% carbon-free energy and resource-effective technology. We also use only ecolabelled detergents and papers.

We prefer organic as well as locally produced products and raw materials. We are not using meat or seafood of endangered or protected species or populations. We aim to minimize food waste and encourage our customers to the same as well as making nature-friendly choices. Dishes with small carbon-footprints are marked with Climate portion -tag.

We are committed to treat everyone equally and with respect. The restaurant has unobstructed access even by wheelchair. The building has two toilets with unobstructed access: one in the restaurant and one with entry from outside.

We are by no means ready yet but making the way step by step. As a sign of this we have 25.5.2022 been awarded the international Green Key -certificate for environmental responsibility and sustainable operation. The Green Key  obliges us to continue our environmental work and even to gain results with it. 21.6.2022 we also gained the right to use the Sustainable Travel Finland -label of Visit Finland.